Dublin Viking Bowl (modern interpretation)

Dublin Viking Bowl (modern interpretation)


This "Dublin Viking bowl" was inspired by a bowl found in Ireland, brought there by the Vikings a thousand years ago. The original bowls were likely turned on spring-pole or foot treadle lathes and would have had visible grooves from where the hook tools made the cuts.

This is my interpretation of a bowl designed by woodturner Glenn Lucas. It was turned on an electric lathe, sanded and sealed with Walnut oil. Sustainably sourced Butternut wood. 

These bowls are each unique. They are turned using green (unseasoned) wood. When they dry, they take on interesting, often subtle, but sometimes pronounced, curves to their original shape.

Once turning is complete and they dry for several days, they're sanded and sealed with Walnut oil, and when new, will have a satin-like finish. They're meant for daily use and are not a high-gloss decorative item. You can hand wash them with soap & water along with your other dishes, and they'll develop their own patina after some time.       

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